Iram Qureshi is a Practicing Academic, British Film & TV Director, Producer, and Assistant Examiner at the University of Cambridge. She is the winner of Best TV Talk Show in private production in PTV Awards 2002 and nominee for Best TV Director Drama Series in Lux Style Awards 2009.

Iram’s PhD titled “The Stranger Left No Card: A Critical Analysis Of Wendy Toye’s Work as a Woman Director in British Cinema and Television” is the first sustained analysis of the career of pioneering British woman director Wendy Toye in 1950s British cinema and television. She also holds MSc degree in Communication Sciences (major in TV Productions) with the third position in University and BA in Journalism. Iram’s research interests include Women in Cinema, Postwar British Cinema, Film and TV Productions, Gender, Intersex, Film Directors, and Practice-based research.

Iram is a director of Evergreen Media Europe Ltd and founder of KQ Movies Ltd. She is one of the few female directors to enter in a war zone during filming TV documentaries in 2002. Currently, she is producing few films and television series including a romantic drama feature ‘Only Love Matters‘, ‘Elsie Inglis – The Woman with the Torch‘ and also developing her first directorial debut dramedy feature film, ‘Michelle’ and writing a book on a Woman Director, Wendy Toye, in British Cinema.

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Iram Qureshi

Dr Iram Qureshi is an award-winning British Film & TV Producer, Director, Associate Lecturer at the University of Bath and Assistant Examiner at the University of Cambridge.

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