Dr Iram Qureshi was a guest in HUM News TV morning show “Subah Say Agay” along with Dr Kamran Qureshi, the director of her movie...

Dr Iram Qureshi was a guest in Open Talk with Sal Ahmed at Canada One TV. “Enjoy this heart-to-heart chat with British filmmaker Dr Iram...

Dr Iram Qureshi was a guest in Morning Show CELEBS AND GOSSIPS at BOL TV. “From Direction to Production Everything is Outstanding”. BOL TV. Only...

Expresso’s Exclusive Interview With the Producer Dr Iram Qureshi And Director Dr Kamran Qureshi at the Express News.

Iram has joined the Ravensbourne University London as a Senior Lecturer in Digital Film and TV Production.

Iram's romantic drama film Only Love Matters is the winner of Public Engagement Awards 2022 of University of East Anglia.

Iram’s recently produced romantic drama film Only Love Matters has been a finalist for the Outstanding Social or Cultural Impact category! in the Innovation and Impact Awards 2022 at the University of East Anglia (UEA).

Iram got 3rd position for the Brunel University London’s Recent Alumna of the Year Award, 2022 for producing feature film Only Love Matters.

This workshop will consist of an illustrated presentation from the award-winning producer, Dr Iram Qureshi, about her experience of making a feature film during the Covid period.

Iram Qureshi is an invited speaker at the Elsie Inglis Sit Still fundraising event at the City Chambers, Edinburgh.

Iram Qureshi is participating as a speaker on the invitation of the Professional Development Centre, Brunel University, in their workshop Creative Industries Uncovered.

WENDY TOYE is Iram Qureshi's (2022) new book in progress which is a part of book series British Film Makers commissioned by the Manchester University Press.

Iram’s research paper A Woman for Two Pennies: A Study of Changing Social Constructs of Gender and Portrayal of Women in Pakistani TV Dramas is in progress to be published in an American journal Jump Cut.

Iram Qureshi produced a documentary research component, which is a part of the Critical Documentary Practises PhD module for a PhD candidate of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Iram Qureshi is the winner of Best Producer Feature Film at the New York Movie Awards.

Iram Qureshi is the winner of Best Producer Award and Special Mention Award for Feature Film at Big Syn International Film Festival, London for movie Only Love Matters.

Iram Qureshi is the winner of Best Women's Film at the Gangtok International Film Festival.

Iram Qureshi won Best Romantic Movie for the feature film Only Love Matters in the Rome International Movie Awards! A big congratulations to the team...

Iram Qureshi's produced recent movie Only Love Matters is the winner of 5 Gold and 2 Silver in Hollywood Gold Awards, Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Iram Qureshi

Dr Iram Qureshi is an award-winning British Film & TV Producer, Director, Associate Lecturer at the University of Bath and Assistant Examiner at the University of Cambridge.

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