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TV Documentary Film (2002)

Jawad Ahmad

Kamran Qureshi

John Thornton

Shamoon Hashmi

Jawad Hamid Raja

Avtek Media Group

FLYING TIGERS aka Air Force Hardam Tayyar, Flying Tigers is based on Air force and its activities during peace and war. Interviews of Cadets and Instructors in Risalpur Academy, Technicians, Paratroopers, Female officers, Sports instructors, show how the cadets are given basic training and prepared for tough circumstances.

Different aircrafts used by Air force, their capabilities, and what purpose do they serve, give a brief view of how the Air force is equipped. Several exercises being shot for the awareness of public to show the procedures work during any emergencies, like Scramble by the pilots in case of attack by the enemy and the exercise by Search & Rescue Squadron to help the pilots in emergency and providing medical assistance.

Aircraft Rebuild and Manufacturing factories, and the people responsible of running those factories explain the way Air force is excelling, in getting state of the art technology and capability of handling the repairs itself. The documentary covers the training of cadet from the academy to becoming a full pilot and what tasks they perform in different departments, the preparation and readiness of Air force to defend its country.


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